Liturgy: A Documentary
Liturgy: A Documentary
The way we pray is the foundation of what we believe.

‘Lex orandi, lex credendi’

Liturgy is the foundation of belief.

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We are creating a documentary series

  1. inspire millions of Catholic families to seek traditional Mass

  2. inspire thousands of priests to celebrate Mass in a more sacred way

  3. restore authentic Catholic beliefs.

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After 1960,

everything changed.


Number of Catholics in America (in Millions)

Priests in America (In Thousands)

Percentage of Mass Attendance


Vatican II said the liturgy is “the fountain from which all the power of the Church flows.”


But the implementation of liturgical changes led to a massive loss of faith in the Church.


So we strive to restore liturgical practice in order to restore authentic Catholic beliefs.


Liturgy is the foundation of what we believe.



  1. Inspiring stories of Catholics discovering the beauty of the faith through sacred liturgy.

  2. Entertaining and accessible interviews with experts designed to reach the average Catholic.

  3. Clever animations in the style of VOX Media with inspiration from the Italian artist Giovanni Gasparro.

  4. The Holy Mass documented in a unique and beautiful way to draw out its meaning.



Join the movement.

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